About us

Dr Angela Simcox, Consultant Paediatric Neuropsychologist, has extensive experience working with children with:

– learning difficulties, such as global developmental delay or dyslexia
– developmental disorders, such as autism and ADHD
– neurological problems, such as brain injury, encephalitis and epilepsy

Having worked at regional specialist centres including Great Ormond Street Hospital and James Cook University Hospital, she set up Indigo Neuropsychology to provide accessible specialist services to children and their families in the north of England.

We have a team of well-qualified professionals to ensure you meet with the team member whose skills are best-matched to your child’s needs.

Parents, teachers, and case managers can contact us for more information on how we can help children with difficulties at school with learning and behaviour, or those who have neurological, health or developmental conditions and need additional support.

We can meet you at our clinics in Leeds, Harrogate, Middlesbrough and Durham. We can also provide home visits across Yorkshire and North East England where needed.

We also have monthly clinics at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.



Our Services

Helping families with learning and behaviour problems


  • Is your child struggling in school?
  • Do you have concerns about their attention, learning, organisation or memory?
  • Are they frustrated, anxious, angry or having difficulty getting along with other

A cognitive assessment can help to identify any underlying learning or psychological

problems. Once we have a more detailed understanding of your child a plan of support
and intervention can be designed tailored to their needs. This might involve further
work with one of our team, ideas for you to try at home, recommendations for school
support, or a combination of these.

Click here for more information about our assessments and interventions.


Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation


  • Work with case managers as part of the MDT supporting the child and their family
    Comprehensive assessment of emotional, behavioural, psychological and social
  • Design individually-tailored neuropsychological, cognitive-behavioural rehabilitation
    plans for whole team around the child, addressing metacognition and/or specific
    functions such as language, memory and attention
  • Work on adjustment, emotional wellbeing and coping for the child and family
  • Liaison with school as key part of team
  • Supervision of support workers and other team members to deliver a ‘joined-up’ program


Medico-legal Reports


  • Neuropsychological or paediatric psychology assessment in clinical negligence and
    personal injury for children and young people
  • Over ten years’ experience as an expert witness
  • Bon Solon expert witness certificate with testimonials from solicitors
  • Regular continuing professional development in legal and expert witness work

Meet the Team

Our Clinics


Darlington Clinic

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Insight Therapy Centre

67 Hilton Road



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The Child and Family Practice

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